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    Why should I clean the water tank?
    If the water tank is not clean regularly, it can lead to pollutants in the water, which may contain numerous deadly germs. As a result, water can get polluted with a variety of diseases, including dysentery, cholera, and others.

    Get Your water tank clean – Stay healthy and happy.

    What is the price for Water tank cleaning and Water proofing?
    You can get water tank cleaning and water-proofing services at affordable prices. Also, Water tank cleaning costs may depend on the size of the tank, and waterproofing charges may vary depending on the work.
    How often I should clean the Water tanks?
    The WHO recommends cleaning water tanks every three months.
    Water Tank cleaning is often recommended every six months in the Indian environment.
    Which chemical do you use to clean water tanks?

    As we know soap water is the best & common way to clean the water tanks and it helps us to make impurities-free. We also use chlorine and potassium permanganate.

    Which machine do you use to clean the water tanks?

    High pressured German-made Kranzler machines are highly effective Machines.

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